Day: 9 February 2023


According to Instagram, Linda Nolan has more influence than Holly Willoughby, Amanda Holden, and her own sister Coleen

It seems UK consumers are only In The Mood for one particular pop legend when it comes to influential stars on Instagram… According to HypeAuditor, an AI-powered social media analytics tool, singer Linda Nolan’s engagement rate stands at a staggering 3.52%, far bigger than some of the UK’s most popular personalities, such as Holly Willoughby, Amanda […]

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Could scent be Winter Love Island winners’ secret weapon?

❤️  The Science of Love shows that scent DOES play a part in falling in love ❤️ Revealed: five scents that make you more attractive according to experts Scent could be the secret weapon to winning Winter Love Island, according to one fragrance expert who believes that savvy contestants who take a scientific approach to […]

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10 Bedroom Ideas Your Child Will Love

A theme room: Children love having a room that reflects their interests and personality. Consider a theme, such as a sports room or a fairy tale room, that can be incorporated into the decor, bedding, and accessories. Bright colours: Use bright colours to create a fun and energetic atmosphere in your child’s room. Choose solid, […]

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