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EARTH, an eco-eyewear brand, launches in the UK and Ireland

With its debut eco-friendly glasses range, EARTH announces its launch in the UK and Ireland today. The brand uses only environmentally responsible materials and production methods to produce its collection of prescription and non-prescription glasses frames, which will exclusively be sold online via Feel Good Contacts from 2nd March 2023. EARTH The ethos of this brand is […]

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How To Choose Fashion Sunglasses That Protect Your Eyes

As we head outdoors, sunglasses can serve both as a fashion accessory to finish your outfit and offer protection from the sun.  However, all sunglasses are not equal.  Here, leading eye expert Dr Andy Hepworth from www.essilor.co.uk explains how to ensure you’re protecting your eyes sufficiently in the summer and what to look for when choosing […]

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Specs and Sport – the latest innovations and advice from the experts

Most sports require strong vision. So for anyone with an eye condition, such as short sightedness where a prescription corrective lens is required, they will be looking for the best options to correct their vision.  Many people opt for practical contact lenses or laser eye surgery, but there are thousands of people – including professional sports personalities – whose condition means their only option is to wear prescription glasses. One of the […]

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