Month: February 2024

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6 Simple Tips to Manage Menopause and Perimenopause Weight Gain

On average, a woman will gain 10 pounds or more during the menopause and perimenopause, but navigating this stage of your life doesn’t necessarily mean surrendering yourself to unwanted weight gain. Louise Donohue, an expert in women’s health and founder of Blossom Wellness, has penned this article to help you manage your weight during perimenopause and […]

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Pioneering Transgender Underwear and Swimwear Brand ‘Gaff And Go’ Provides Confidence and Comfort

Gaff And Go is a transgender lingerie, swimwear, sportswear and accessories brand for pre-op transgender women, non-binary people and those who tuck. The brand, co-created by Robyn Electra, is based in London and Liverpool, and sells online. Gaff & Go was the first brand to launch tucking one-piece swimwear, hand sewn and specifically made for […]

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News Retail & E-commerce

After UK retailer The Body Shop files for Administration, Body Shop Germany files for Bankruptcy

Following the news earlier this week that retailer The Body Shop has collapsed into administration, the brands’ German arm – which employs more than 350 staff and runs 66 branches across the country – has now filed for bankruptcy at the Dusseldorf District Court. We spoke to retail expert Nick Drewe, Founder of online platform, […]

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