Entrepreneurs Launch Kickstarter Campaign for ‘Ultimate Quarantine Bag’

Rachel and Helen-Sage Lee, identical twins and co-founders of PRISM Bags, have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new hands-free bag that is made entirely from recycled, single-use plastics.

The ACTIVE Recycled Fanny Pack innovatively reimagines single-use plastic waste by using 100% GRS-Certified recycled nylon, engineered from plastics such as water bottles and takeout containers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had severe impacts on the environment, economy and the day-to-day lives of millions of Americans. Waste from single-use plastics from disposable masks and plastic containers has globally surged, with enough plastic waste produced to cover the entire land mass of Switzerland. Small business owners have struggled to stay in business and much of the world has adapted to remote work and carrying new essentials, such as hand sanitizer and face masks. 

As an emerging brand, PRISM Co. creatively tackled modern-day environmental issues and adversity posed by the pandemic by creating innovative and functional accessories. The declining economy made it difficult for the entrepreneur duo to continue their operations, but they strategically pivoted their business from work accessories to COVID-specific products to better aid the lives of women adjusting to their circumstances.

“We asked ourselves, ‘How fitting would it be if the perfect bag for quarantine was also made from single-use plastics?’” Helen-Sage said. “We wanted to give women, in this day and age, a hands-free alternative to safely carry their new everyday essentials, while creatively tackling environmental concerns worsened by the pandemic.”

Throughout quarantine, women have had to adapt, as there is still a need to run errands masked up, go for an outdoor walk, or grab take-out. As there’s a lack of emphasis on function in women’s fashion, sweats and yoga pants don’t have pockets, and purses and backpacks are far too big for the work-from-home culture.

So in six months, PRISM Bags designed, engineered, and produced samples of the ACTIVE Recycled Fanny Pack. Industry-grade nylon is made from crude oil, which contributes to the burning of fossil fuels. The bag combines coveted tenets of functionality and sustainability, with essential features like 3 built-in credit card pockets, a lip balm pocket, sanitizer pocket, key leash, and external compartments for your phone and mask, which reimagines existing fanny packs and vessels to create a hands-free alternative.

It’s the “ultimate quarantine bag,” both functionally and contextually fitting for the times.


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