Blue Dreams USA Launches BSM-ART Wear by Imelda Roberts

When Blue Dreams USA, a small farm boutique located in Frederick, Maryland was temporarily closed due to the pandemic, Imelda Roberts and Jeff Snively, Co-Owners, decided to find creative ways to sustain their business during these challenging times. To power up their online site, Blue Dreams USA is introducing their new exclusive product lines BSM-ART Wear, by Imelda Roberts. This new 2021 fashion accessories collection of essential accessories for the new normal were designed by Imelda during isolation in their farm. From nature inspiration to versatile functions, the original designs with essential items for the new normal make this collection unique. It’s not just a bag. Each piece is a bagful of arts with UV sterilizer, hand sanitizer, matching gaiter scarf, plus limited edition three-layer face masks.

Imelda Roberts’ signature collection is a line of ladies’ designer bags with original printed designs reflect upon the inspiration from their farm and the challenging times the world is facing. Imelda worked weekends and nights to bring to life nature-inspired designs with vibrant colors and artistic details. Each bag design has a meaning conceived to share the joy of nature and her love and care during the pandemic.

“Imelda’s collection is a work of art and passion with versatile functions and essentials for the new normal. The original designer bags have timeless designs and versatile useful features,” says Jeff Snively, Co-Owner of Blue Dreams USA farm.

The collection includes Love Bags with four designs, reversible clutch bags inspired by nature and other elements in their farm. To show Imelda’s love and care for the communities she lives and work, she included designs for the states of Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. She also designed one for New York to honor the place where she received her Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

“During isolation due to the pandemic, I rediscovered hidden designs and reimagined how I can convey my message of love and care through my creations. My work represent the signs and needs of our time. As always, the farm has become my creative playground and inspiration with lavender, roses, tea, butterflies, bees, birds, and other living elements as my constant companion during these challenging times. Given the unprecedented times, I also reflected upon the challenges in our communities where it felt like a jungle out there. Despite this, it is important to still find beauty amidst chaos. I think my designs reflect the signs of our time,” says Imelda.

Like many small businesses that were affected by the pandemic, Blue Dreams USA is finding other ways to adjust its business strategies. This was a chance for rediscovery, reimagination and reflection on what it can become despite the adversity presented by the pandemic. In the process of creating their own exclusive products, Blue Dreams USA is doing its very first Kickstarter campaign to seek funding support and to expand its network of supporters. To join as a backer, or for anyone who like to support Imelda’s creative project, please visit our Kickstarter page.

Her unique Love Bag Collection and other limited edition items are included as part of the rewards for their supporters and backers. Check them out in this video.

Blue Dreams USA is a farm boutique in Frederick, Maryland. It is a place to shop, sip tea and enjoy nature. It is a place to celebrate special moments. It’s farm and online boutique offers exclusive artisan quality items including thoughtful gifts and fashion accessories inspired by nature. Visit for more info and our farm.

For our new online boutique visit

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