Femininity, Sustainability and Luxury: This Summer’s Trends in High End Fashion

The fashion experts at JOOR wanted to shed some light on the anticipated trajectory of high end fashion and define which trends are set to rise in 2024.

Quiet luxury will transform into everyday elegance 

You’ve most likely heard of ‘quiet luxury’, a low-key, minimalist trend that’s all about being high in quality. It’s stated, yet statement. Quiet luxury has certainly made its mark in the fashion world, with over 30.3k TikTok posts taking inspiration from the trend.

Quiet luxury is still on the up, with a 2500% increase in global Pinterest searches this year. But it’s evolving, into a more alluring version of your everyday chic. Recognisable pieces like skirts and sweaters are elevated by further textile innovation, fabrication and colour. Think elevated staples such as tailored shirts, sleek denim, and nonchalant trousers.

Amanda McCormick Bacal, SVP of Marketing at JOOR provides her insight: “We foresee that the quiet luxury trend will continue to remain relevant in the latter half of 2024, with everyday elegance being all about elevating your essentials into sophisticated, yet minimalist items. It’s about finding elegance in simplicity, focusing on well-made basics to build your wardrobe around.”

Timeless femininity will be a key trend

Wake up and smell the roses, because making a major comeback in the fashion scene for 2024 is timeless femininity, with references to the ’50s and ’60s being prominent this year.

Think florals, but more ‘groundbreaking for spring’ than ever. Spotted at Alexander McQueen and Simone Rocha, Balmain and Givenchy’s SS24 fashion shows were roses, which added a romantic touch to many of the spring/summer runways. Global searches for rose-adorned outfits have also been on the up this year, with a 33% increase.

Modern bridal looks also graced the runways, and you don’t have to be in your wedding era to take part in this fashion moment. Notably, Vivienne Westwood played with dropped waists, hip padding and oversized sleeves, accentuating our feminine shapes. It seems love is in the air, as the world has also seen a 7500% increase in google searches for ‘everyday bridal’ this month.

Sustainability will compel more brands

Consumers are more conscious than ever of the environmental and social impact of their purchases, as a recent report found that over two thirds (68%) of shoppers were willing to pay extra for sustainable products.

The luxury market is expanding, and can also attribute much of its growth (2% to 4% in 2024) to more brands taking control of their second hand markets, according to a recent analysis.

This sort of emphasis on quality over quantity will aim to create a more circular system, reducing waste and maximising the lifespan of clothing and textiles.

With this, more eco-conscious pieces are making their mark as leading luxury brands adopt more sustainable materials and processes. Luxury shoppers are valuing longevity over mass-produced, disposable items, encouraging designers to consider the environmental impact of their collections.

Amanda McCormick Bacal adds: “The future of luxury is marked by a transformative shift, which utilises tech with human touch to create deeply resonant, individualised experiences. In this way, sophisticated technology can play an important role in delighting the customer and creating a memorable luxury fashion experience.”

Luxury will embrace the outdoors

Luxury brands are embracing outdoor clothing and athleisure, with more brands releasing collections that blur the lines between functionality and style (Gucci, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton). As consumers embrace healthier lifestyles, athleisure will cross traditional boundaries and feed its way into different settings, including evening wear and workwear.

In terms of office-wear, think tailored joggers, blazers made from stretch fabrics, and polished sneakers to create a professional yet comfortable look.

Athleisure dresses will also be a hit in 2024, offering a perfect blend of comfort and style. Look for dresses made from stretchy fabrics with sporty details like racerback designs, mesh inserts, or sweatshirt-inspired silhouettes.

Tech and AI in fashion

The global AI fashion market is expected to grow to the amount of 4.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.

AI and more advanced tech is expected to become more readily available to shoppers, with virtual styling and try-on experiences at the forefront. AI-driven try-on technologies will enable consumers to visualise how garments will look on them before making the purchase, with AI-powered stylists systems being used to create personalised experiences.

So in turn, brands will offer more customised experiences for their customers, from made-to-measure garments to personalised styling recommendations.

Amanda McCormick Bacal adds:The future of luxury is marked by a transformative shift, which utilises tech with human touch to create deeply resonant, individualised experiences. In this way, sophisticated technology can play an important role in delighting the customer and creating a memorable luxury fashion experience.”

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