Bellissima Launches New Glam Waves Angled Hair Curling Tool

Never miss a strand with this unique tool!

One of the UK’s newest and leading hair tool brands Bellissima is launching an innovative new hair curling tool, named Glam Waves, to make it even easier to achieve the perfect glamorous waves. With an L-shaped design, the tool allows you to reach every part of your head, even the back, with ease…no need for extra help or the “you missed a bit” comment.

The premium new hair tool features:
• A reverse conical shape to create a natural looking wave, being lifted at the root and soft at the hair ends.
• Built-in timer which indicates the ideal time for the lock to be heated whilst also respecting the hair – 8 seconds for fine hair and 12 seconds for medium to thick hair
• Easy L-shaped design to ensure you reach every part of the hair, without craning your neck or arm!

The Glam Waves hair curling tool also works hard to protect the hair from heat. Containing a ceramic coating enriched with diamond micro particles and keratin, the coating ensures perfectly smooth moments as well as adding radiance and vitality to the hair. Heat damage to your hair is also prevented, thanks to the tool’s Thermo Control technology, which helps to maintain constant, even heat for perfect results whilst caring for your hair. Heat protection is also offered with the Glam Wave’s temperature control function, allowing you to control the tool’s temperature with 5 levels (160°C – 170°C – 185°C – 200°C – 210°C) to help with optimal styling to suit all hair types!

Glam Waves is the first curling iron to be introduced to Bellissima’s range of hair tools and is the newest addition to Bellissima’s Prestige range. Their Prestige hair tool collection includes their award-winning Diffon Supreme, best-selling 8 in 1 Air Wonder, Creativity 4 You Hairdryer, as well as the Steam Elixir Straightener

Bellissima’s ambassador and celebrity hair stylist Alicia Dobson has revealed her top go-to look with the new Glam Waves tool:

Hollywood Pin Curls

1. Apply heat protectant and section the hair – clipping half of your hair up
2. Starting with the bottom section of your hair, wrap a smaller section around the Glam Waves tool and hold for 8-12 seconds depending on the thickness of the hair, then remove
3. As soon as you remove the hair section, catch the curl and scrunch up the curl with a bobby pin or hair clip
4. Repeat this with small sections across all the hair and then do the same with the top half of your hair, pinning each curl up
5. Leave all the pins set and cool for an hour minimum and even longer if you have time, then take out all the pins and voila…you have glamorous Hollywood curls!

The new Glam Waves hair tool retails at £129.99 and is available now from OR

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