85% Rise in Female Fans Requesting Football Shirts Since Start of World Cup

As the country rallies to support the Lionesses in their semi-final match against tournament hosts Australia, London-based vintage and reworked clothing retailer, Vintage Threads have seen an 85% rise in the number of female fans requesting football shirts, online and in store, since the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.  


With their flagship store in London’s Covent Garden, Vintage Threads, have seen an incredible surge in demand for football shirts and memorabilia as The Lionesses continue to inspire young women across the country.  


With the world coming together to celebrate the remarkable growth in women’s football, Vintage Threads have also been making their mark by inviting fans to transform their cherished and worn football kits, scarves, flags and memorabilia into one-of-a-kind pieces. 


The FIFA Women’s World Cup continues to capture the hearts of sporting enthusiasts across the globe, and Vintage Threads is seizing the moment to celebrate sustainable fashion with amazing pieces that encouraging fans to become more conscious with their fashion choices. 


If you would like to support the Lionesses in an original vintage England shirt, Vintage Threads also have handpicked, curated, vintage collections featuring some amazing England pieces amongst loads of other internationals, though you would be brave to wear an Australia shirt around London tomorrow! 


“It’s been amazing to see the effect that The Lionesses and the FIFA Women’s World Cup has had on both male and female football fans. To see such a significant surge in demand for our vintage football shirts and reworked collections shows just how passionate fans are in supporting their countries and it’s been a lot of fun creating bespoke pieces out of all these old scarves and random bits of memorabilia.  Fingers crossed the Lionesses can make it through a tough semi-final!” 


Freddie Rose, Co-Founder and Owner of Vintage Threads 


With a team on hand to breathe new life into football kits, Vintage Threads are empowering fans to create fashion-forward pieces that speak to their individual style. Whether it’s a stunning new dress, a chic shirt, or a repurposed vest, Vintage Threads’ transformative touch turns worn football kits into exquisite sports-luxe apparel. 


Yet, the brand’s appeal goes beyond reinventing cherished football kits. Vintage Threads already boast an extensive collection of vintage football apparel, aligning seamlessly with the FIFA Women’s World Cup’s fusion of tradition and innovation. Expertly combining intricate details from reworked football kits into unique creations, customers can cherish the memories of the tournament for years to come.  


Seize this opportunity to celebrate fashion and sustainability with Vintage Threads. Transform your football kits, express your unique style, and become a part of a brighter, more eco-conscious future.  


For more information on Vintage Threads and their Rework program, please visit: https://vintage-threads.com/  

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