Announcing Boxlist – Social Entertainment Discovery

What ticks your boxes?

Have you ever been frustrated at not knowing what TV or films you will like? Spent half an hour browsing Netflix, given up, and ended up watching a rerun of Friends? Maybe you have tried to contact friends over social media to ask for recommendations, only to be met with a list of 25 ideas, and yet you still don’t know what of those (if any) you will enjoy.

Well, your precious downtime deserves better, and there is a new solution in boxlist.

Boxlist is an AI powered social network for entertainment discovery and your new go-to place for discovering TV and film recommendations across all streaming services, and sharing these with friends. With boxlist, you take a fun 5 min ‘taste test’ to find out your film and TV preferences to discover your ‘viewing personality type’. You can then connect with people and content uniquely matched with that type.

Founder Greg Vartoukian is excited to launch after months of careful development.

“We are not all the same, but we are all fed entertainment content in the same way. This subjectivity is what makes us all wonderfully unique, but can also be frustrating when trying to find something that a group of friends or a whole family will enjoy watching together. Boxlist takes into account our individual tastes, likes and preferences to connect us with TV and films that directly match our individual or joint tastes. We’ve agonized over perfecting our algorithms, so you can make the most of those precious spare minutes of downtime in today’s increasingly cluttered world.”

Boxlist is the perfect place for any film or television fanatic, who is seeking a one stop shop for all their entertainment tastes. The basic platform is completely free to use, and you can join a growing community of already 4,000 members from over 80 countries.




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