With menopause an increasingly “hot topic”, a new survey1 has revealed the true extent of women’s experiences and concerns – finding that an astonishing three quarters (74%) have suffered from a lack of energy through the perimenopause/menopause and a similar number (68%) experience brain fog.

Whilst most women (69%) are looking forward to the end of their periods and period pain as part of this new phase, there’s no doubt that it is taking a toll on mental wellbeing. 57% of women say they have been more anxious through this stage, as well as experiencing mood changes including; 44% becoming more emotional or sensitive, 21% having negative thoughts and 31% admitting to crying.

Despite these experiences, the survey reveals that most women are looking to manage their menopausal journey with positive steps. The top three ways women make themselves feel better when they are low are; going for a walk (47%), treating themselves to something new (30%) and going for lunch with friends (25%). In fact, support during this time is key, with many women (38%) relying on their friends.

The main symptoms of perimenopause and menopause that frighten women the most are putting on weight (54%), brain fog e.g. forgetting names (48%) and feeling low in energy (43%). Sadly, over a third of women (37%) they have become less confident in their fashion and clothing choices as they have got older.

Celebrities are increasingly speaking out about their own experiences of menopause – and are proving to be a real inspiration for women in their menopausal journey. Holly Willoughby’s style is the most admired by women (21%), closely followed by Davina McCall (20%), then Kate Garraway (12%) and Tamzin Outhwaite (9%).

Taking control of symptoms such as brain fog, low energy and hormonal imbalances is important, with 62% of women saying they would consider taking a daily supplement to support them through their menopausal journey. This comes as a new Super Supplement launches in the UK – Meno Active is a scientifically formulated blend of 31 different active ingredients, including 19 vitamins & minerals, Omega 3 DHA, four digestive enzymes, three strains of live friendly bacteria and four plant extracts; Ashwagandha, Sage, Green Tea and Soya Isoflavone. Meno Active was created in collaboration with women’s wellness expert Dr Fiona Barry PhD BSc Lic Ac MBAcC for women to take during their menopausal journey and aims to support women’s hormones, brain function, nervous system and energy. With a unique dual combination of one daily sachet plus one daily capsule – it’s easy for women to make it part of their daily wellbeing routine.

Preparation is key and only 41% of women say they feel they have enough information on post-menopausal life. To seek out advice, currently 47% of women say they go online, 32% go to their GP and 21% go to their friends.

Brand Ambassador for Meno Active, Dr Anita Sturnham, GP comments: “It’s wonderful to see more women openly talking about the issues they are facing during the menopausal journey.  These survey results highlight the scale and complexity of this natural life stage and shine a light on the physical and emotional struggles many women go through.”


“In the perimenopausal period we know that our hormones will start to decline, our periods will change and we may start to notice other things, such as gaining weight more easily and disturbed sleep as well. I find this period a crucial time to support women with diet and lifestyle measures and this often includes adding in a targeted supplement that helps to support symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, sweats and mood changes. Rather than wait for things to decline, prevention is better than cure. Intervening before symptoms become significant, balancing out hormones and replacing nutrient deficiencies can help women to arrive at the menopause in a good place.”


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