Lisa captivates clients and scoops award thanks to her Eastern magic aromas

A businesswoman who fell in love with the aromas of Dubai on holiday is captivating clients closer to home – with her nose for a new venture clinching her international acclaim.

Lisa Davis of Levant Perfume has scooped an award in her favourite UAE destination after a recent return visit to secure more business as she prepares for her UK launch.


Lisa, 52, of Stourbridge,  who first visited Dubai seven years ago, has clinched a Khatoon Successful Woman title after crafting seven distinctive fragrances in her Levant range.


The award is reserved for entrepreneurial women in Dubai who impress its organisers through commitment and dedication to excellence.


It comes after the former interior design company owner grabbed an opportunity in 2020, during the pandemic to follow a new direction.


Since then she has been working with specialists in Dubai and returning several times a year to develop her own fragrance range – not only for individuals but also for businesses to help make the right impression, particularly in the hospitality industry.


Lisa said: “We all love our holidays but not many of us are inspired to start their own business when they return. I fell in love with Dubai on my first visit and have gone back countless times to develop my unique and exquisite blends – for men, women and interiors.

“My love for perfume has been with me from a very young age.

“My travels to the Middle East, arriving in glitzy hotel lobbies or savouring the sights of awe-inspiring shopping malls, ignited a passion in me.

“I set about emulating the heady aromas of sweet Vanilla, or sense-tingling spices.

“It has been quite a journey and it’s a dream come true to not only have now worked with branding experts, TP Squared in Wolverhampton, to see my vision transformed into reality, but also to have been singled out for an award.

“Of course I am delighted to have the opportunity to have been able to earn this title but equally exciting for me to see the interest in my aromas and room sprays that can help hotel and leisure complexes make the right impression.

“From a first, high calibre, classy aroma as you enter a hotel reception, to housekeeping staff ensuring rooms smell fresh and appealing, Levant can help make sure guests have a fantastic experience during their stay, as well as a lasting memory.

“Our sense of smell can always bring the most evocative memories and as a new venture, working hospitality, I’m delighted with the response from general managers for a locally produced range of perfumes.

“Wedding and event planners are also embracing opportunities for special scents for the special people attending their receptions and parties. It means a lot to be able to help make a lovely and lasting impression.”


Another area Lisa is pushing her business forward is in home interiors – with room sprays used not only by homeowners, but also visiting tradespeople who want to leave a positive impact when they have installed home improvements or carried out repairs.


Lisa said: “This is where my previous experience in interior design has proved fruitful. Again I am very grateful for all the support and am excited about where my new business is heading.

“Levant’s sprays are excellent for around the home, on furniture and curtains giving lasting aromas of up to four hours and our room diffuser will give long-lasting aromas for up to 90 days.”


Lisa is now all set for her launch of Levant Perfumes at Telford’s Holiday Inn, on the evening of Friday, July 1st. She’s also supporting West Midlands charity Smile for Joel at the event.

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