Worried about an upcoming event? A Dash of Decorum could be just what you were after

Ever wondered how to get the dress code right for an event, where to place your hands while dining at a formal occasion, or which cutlery to use for a high-end dinner party?

It’s not something you are likely to find in a Google search – but if you unexpectedly had to host a PM for dinner, you’d call someone like Julia Esteve Boyd, an international etiquette consultant who enjoyed an extensive career in hospitality at the highest level and has worked both at finishing school and extensively in 1 to 1s across the globe.

Julia’s bestselling book, A Dash of Decorum: 101 Tips To Guide You Through Formal And Informal Dining Events, will definitely come in handy for social and formal occasions like weddings, corporate dinners and events.  Packed with tips on how to behave and what to wear, this book guides you through everything from table manners to etiquette at social, business, formal and informal event settings and equips you with the confidence to handle any social occasion.

Published under the highly rated ‘Your Book, Your Way’ publishing company and beautifully illustrated, the book quickly become an Amazon bestseller – and when she’s not busy writing, Julia’s time is spent helping people across the world ‘get it right’ on a 1:1 basis.

Julia explains:

“I had a wonderful career in hospitality and only left to teach etiquette at a finishing school after having twins and wanting to improve my quality of life – it’s been amazing and I feel fortunate.

“I’ve worked with international royalty, hospitality professionals and individuals across the world, but it’s not about pomp and circumstance – etiquette and manners can really make a difference to someone’s confidence, and I also work with charities, businesses and with the Transgender clinics.

“Simply carrying yourself differently and feeling certain on ‘what to do’ or ‘what to wear’ to feel part of an occasion can be life-changing.

“My book is designed to be a ‘reference’ and a guidebook that you will want to keep handy rather than a novel that you will read once and give away and I had great fun writing it.“

On speaking to Julia, you realise the value of etiquette in building confidence at an individual level.

It’s not about meeting social expectations – it’s about helping people fit in and feel confident.  We can’t all be a film star, we can’t all be royalty – but we can all feel more confident and this hard-to-find information can help anyone do just that in any formal or informal setting.

A Dash of Decorum: 101 Tips To Guide You Through Formal And Informal Dining Events is available on Amazon, priced at £7.58

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