Arighi Bianchi Inspires Entrepreneurs of the Future with School Visit

Enterprise students at All Hallows Catholic College were given a glimpse into what it takes to keep a successful fourth generation furniture and interiors business running for more than 167 years during a visit from the team at Arighi Bianchi.

Director Nick Bianchi and Head of Communications Lucy Mather visited the Year 10 students to share their experiences of how the iconic business operates as part of their BTEC studies. Arighi Bianchi has also offered a prize for the student who shows the biggest improvement in their coursework.

Students learnt about Arighi Bianchi’s 167-year history and the skills and attributes needed to be successful in retail in the 21st century, whilst maintaining traditional values. They also gained a deeper understanding of the business’ digital marketing strategy, customer demographics, how the team works with influencers and the impact of the pandemic on sales and suppliers.

Tegan, Year 10 student at All Hallows, said: “It was a really good experience to meet members of the Bianchi family. By talking to them we learnt a lot more about the business and the long legacy of it. Nick and Lucy helped us all understand a lot more which will be useful for the future.”

Mr Barron, Business Studies teacher, said: “It’s clear to see that Arighi Bianchi are keen supporters of the local community and our College, and on  behalf of myself and the students, I would like to thank both Nick and Lucy for taking the time out of their busy schedules to  visit us. The information provided will undoubtedly strengthen our students’ coursework and, there is a real excitement about the prize offered by Nick which will be awarded for the most improved coursework.”

Nick Bianchi said: “What a fantastic group of enthusiastic and intelligent students – there is no doubt that many of the pupils we met will be business leaders of the future. As a local business with a rich heritage in the area, we were more than happy to share our real-world expertise and insights into what is needed to make a business successful in 2021.”

For more information about Arighi Bianchi visit

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