Twins Turn Back Time Together

“When you’ve had a few glasses of wine you look at each other and say what looks really hideous!” 

Identical twins Tara Hooker and Julie Clarkson from Timperley, Cheshire, who say they do everything together, are looking radiant in a glamorous photoshoot, taken just four weeks after they both decided to try dermal filler for the first time, continuing their twin habit.

The pair had always been conscious of their appearance, and both were keen to explore how dermal fillers could help them to regain their confidence, especially as starting the menopause had begun to affect their skin.

To support each other, the sisters decided to take the plunge together, but had they both aged in similar ways? And would each twin need identical treatments?


On Having Twin Honesty

“We’d discussed it beforehand obviously. We have twin honesty,” said Tara a mum of two from Timperley, Cheshire.

“When you’ve had a few glasses of wine you look at each other and say what looks really hideous, what would you change and that kind of thing. I think she looks really great now she’s had it done and I’m really happy with mine too.

“We laughed on the day as when we were born, I came ten minutes before Julie, and I was first into the treatment chair too.”

Julie, a mum of three, who lives just five minutes down the road from her sister, added:

“We do a lot of things together. We live close to one another, we work for the same company, we went for Botox together and of course now we’ve both gone for dermal fillers at the same time. I guess we even want to grow old together!”

Talking of her reasons for undergoing the treatment, Julie continued: “I just felt I’d kind of lost momentum a little bit. I have always looked quite good for my age but when you get to your late forties and early fifties, you do lose your confidence a lot. Most women do. Especially when you start going through the change, you do notice that when it comes to your skin, everything changes. Even when you’re doing all the right things, like going to the gym, eating well, there are certain things you just can’t control.”


Identical Procedures?

Tara and Julie were treated by husband-and-wife team, Dr Martyn King and Sharon King RN NIP at the Cosmedic Clinic in Tamworth, a nationally recognised and award-winning aesthetics clinic that was first established 15 years ago.

The product used in their procedures is a revolutionary new dermal filler brand called UTH (, which has some of the lowest levels of toxicity on the market.

Dr King, who has been so impressed with UTH products that he is now a UTH ambassador, said:

“Even though the twins are very similar in appearance, they had actually aged in completely different ways. We concentrated on the lower part of Tara’s face. For Julie, it was the upper part of the face, the eyes, we also treated the lips and gave her neck a boost. It’s interesting to think about why the twins had aged in different ways, some parts of the ageing process can be attributed to lifestyle, whereas some are more genetic.”


Tara’s treatment plan

To learn more about Tara’s journey:

Tara’s midface area was treated with 0.5ml of UTH Deep, multiple threads of filler were applied to plump out the area and reduce the thinning/hollowing that can happen in this region of the face. At the jawline, Tara’s main area of concern, 2ml was used in the lower marionette lines and to plump out the jowl area, where sagging can often occur over time.


Julie’s treatment plan

To learn more about Julie’s journey:

Julie was starting to show signs of ageing on her neck, a common issue in women of this age group. 1.1ml of UTH Hydrate was delivered using the micro-bolus technique across the neck. This product is designed for use as a skin-booster, red-carpet treatment or as a course of treatments to hydrate the skin from the inside out. The point is to disperse the product at regular intervals and provide an ongoing moisture boost across the entire area, released into the skin over time. Julie’s lips were treated with 1.1ml of UTH Fine into the vermillion border, the body of the lip and cupid’s bow – this produces a very natural lip shape, really just restoring the lips to their natural fullness.  Finally, 1ml of UTH Deep was used under the eyes, to correct the appearance of under eye bags.


A natural look

Even though they had completely different treatments, both sisters were impressed with the outcome, and especially with how natural the results were.

Julie continued: “I’m really pleased with how it has turned out; I’d certainly recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about it! Other people have just said how ‘well’ we both look, but I can really notice the difference. Sometimes you see people and you can really see they’ve had work done, but this feels really natural. We both wanted to look like us still, just us from 10 years ago.

“If you can improve the way you look without it looking too artificial, I just think why not? If you can make the best of what you’ve got without going too far why wouldn’t you?”

Tara concluded: “I think we both look great now. I wouldn’t want to change to have similar to what Julie has had because I don’t think that’s what I needed. We just left it up to the experts and we’re both really happy with the outcome.

“I am gradually noticing little differences as time goes on. First thing in the morning I am definitely looking a lot fresher, which is always a bonus when you get to 51! I am really happy. I also went to the vets the other day, who hadn’t seen me in 12 months, and she said to me “Wow, you look so well!” That’s generally the kind of thing people have been saying to me, which boosts your moral and makes you feel better. I wanted something natural and that’s exactly what I have got.”


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