New fashion agency celebrates the “heritage and culture” of Africa

A new fashion brand which aims to celebrate the “heritage and culture” of African style has launched in Cambridge.

CeeDee’s is the brainchild of Chibby Dangana and brings together a collection of unique brands mixing traditional African and more contemporary styles.

The launch list of brands includes R1Sixteen, Zibah by Ann Ekwueme, Sista by Eyoro, Aeymodo, Larry Jay and 14zeroseven.

R1Sixteen’s ready-to-wear pieces are inspired by Bible quotes, with a proportion of proceeds going directly to charities that feed and mentor children spiritually.

Zibah by Ann Ekwueme aims to bring out the “royalty in every woman”, while Sista by Eyoro, a ready-to-wear company established in Nigeria four years ago, is founded on the principle of creating pieces based on the freedom of “being true to self… keeping it simple but sophisticated”.

Another Nigerian brand, Aeymodo, seamlessly fuses African fabrics into contemporary fashion pieces that are focused on being stylish, comfortable and functional.

CeeDee’s is an offshoot of Zera PR & Events, a specialist in the fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industries.

Founder Chibby Dangana, who herself hails from Nigeria, said: “Many Africans in the UK are happy with a more contemporary style of clothing, but I do believe there is a gap in the market for a fashion brand that truly celebrates a more traditional African look, and also supports contemporary-style clothing made in Africa.

“The brands I have brought together under Ceedee’s are testament to the timeless quality of African fashion”.

“Trends come and go with time but personal style is something that lasts forever. To be truly stylish you have to be comfortable in your skin.”

Photo caption: Designs from Larry Jay (@larryjayghana on Instagram)


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