The Light-Charged All Titanium Watch

Wristwatches that use batteries are likely to be discharged regardless of the purchasing period. Replacing the battery every time this happens is quite cumbersome. A different alternative is needed to use wristwatches as a convenient daily watch without worries of discharge. Amidst such a necessity, MUHAN INC., a company specializing in wristwatches, is piquing interest with their development of an all-titanium watch that charges with light, and therefore, does not require battery replacement.

The “Scorpion Solar Watch V3,” which has been developed by a master craftsman with over 50 years of experience and knowledge accumulated while producing over 500 types of watches from 2012 to 2021, features a precise design embodying a monthly error of mere ±10 seconds. The watch is highly durable with 5-grade titanium applied to everything from the body to the buckle.

Charged with light, the “Scorpion Solar Watch V3,” also boasts optimal practicality as you can use it immediately after charging just for 2 minutes under the light. A full charge will allow usage up to 90 days. Periodically exposing the watch to light during this time to prevent battery discharge will ensure semi-permanent use of this super eco-friendly product.

Particularly, the glass is dome-type sapphire glass. Sapphire glass does not allow traces even with prolonged use as it has stronger hardness than mineral glass. Sapphire glass is so durable that rubbing it against a sharp object or even having an automobile drive over it will not leave any scratch marks. Thanks to its superior light permeability, the index and dial appear clearer.

Above all else, the watch is equipped with a luminous (glow-in-the-dark) feature. Luminous is a feature in which the watch absorbs light by itself and then emits light in dark spaces, allowing you to check the time without other lightings. The special use of Swiss Luminous heightens brightness, continuity, and the readability of the hour plate. During use, the luminous does not sustain permanently and slowly vanishes as time passes.

The “Scorpion Solar Watch V3,” which is usable for up to 90 days with a full charge, provides 50m 5-pressure daily water-resistance as well. You can wear the watch with water on it as long as you do not control the buttons, but as it is not perfectly waterproof, it is preferable to dry it quickly after coming in contact with water. Moreover, avoiding contact with water for long hours and avoiding showering or swimming while wearing the watch are recommended.

In the meantime, “Scorpion Solar Watch V3” has announced its launch in the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

You can check more information on the official Kickstarter homepage.

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