Hit TV Series, THE BOLD TYPE, Liquidates High-End Actor Wardrobe, Furniture and Set Decorations in one of Canada’s Largest Fashion Auctions

“Gucci, Burberry, Chanel are just a few of the brands that are being sold at this massive multi-season auction; in addition to men’s and ladies’ clothing, there are brand name accessories, high-end furniture and thousands of modern set props and decorations,” says Jeff Schwarz, Canadian reality star of “The Liquidator,” owner of Direct Liquidation. Jeff has partnered with Continental Auctioneers based out of Montreal to host this auction.

THE BOLD TYPE, a drama series filmed in Toronto and Montreal, is centered around three best friends working for a fictional women’s fashion magazine called Scarlet. The series ran for five seasons and focuses on this trio of impeccably dressed millennial women chronicling their ups and downs in corporate careers and romantic relationships. Hitting an approval rating of 97% with critics calling it “Hip, Smart and Exuberantly Performed,” THE BOLD TYPE presented a refreshing portrait of young women navigating their careers, friendships and love in the big city.

“It’s not often this size of magnificent wardrobe and set dec comes up for sale,” points out Michael Akkibrityan, VP of Continental Auctioneers. Jeff continues, “For the hundreds of movie and TV show sales I have managed, very few are set in current times with such stunning fashion and props. If you love quality on your body and in your home, now’s the time to jump on this auction series and grab a deal.”

With world-wide shipping, anyone, anywhere can access this epic online auction, for free. This makes it possible for fans and fashion collectors to participate. “With Covid, forcing us all to move online, this gives folks an opportunity to have some fun from the safety of their own homes while landing a great deal. Best of all, for those that cannot make the live online times, the auction system allows bidders to place a max bid on any item and if it goes for less, you get the item at that lower price,” quips Jeff. “Our goal is to help lift people’s spirits by having a good time together.”

Jeff and his team have been successfully running movie set auctions for some time now. From production office items to set flooring and high-end pieces from the shows, there is something for everyone. “It’s going to be a good time,” finishes Jeff.

Women, men, home decorators and hunters of good bargains UNITE. Now’s your chance to get ahold of some of your favorite characters’ wardrobe and goodies from this hit TV series.

This next auction is streaming live Friday, May 14th, 2021, with over 1600 lots. The series continues to include June 3, 4, 17, 18 and July 7 & 8.

Own props and high-end actor wardrobe.

Auction Date & Time: Friday, May 14 , 2021 Starts at 10 AM EST (Montreal, Québec time)


Location: Click here to see all items in this auction and register online.

Details: Items can be shipped anywhere in the world through UPS, Fed Ex and other local options listed online in auction shipping details

About Jeff Schwarz, “The Liquidator” & Direct Liquidation

Jeff Schwarz has been in business for more than 25 years buying and selling pretty much everything. From selling valuable assets all over the world, to liquidating merchandise in the streets of India, and buying and selling collectible assets in China, Dubai, Canada, United States, and Central America, Jeff has made a name for procuring and selling quality goods. Jeff Schwarz has also had a successful TV show called The Liquidator which is currently featuring on Amazon Prime Video and Game TV. The show ran in over 160 countries with over 5 seasons of him doing business liquidating items and dealing with eccentric buyers and sellers. Awarded Top 3 Reality Show in the World at Banff Film Festival, Jeff’s motto believes in bringing buyers and sellers together with everyone winning. Jeff is the owner of Direct Liquidation.

Jeff Schwarz, “The Liquidator” has been featured on:
Amazon Prime Video
Game TV
– Hit Series “The Liquidator”
– Marketwatch.com
– The Rush on Shaw TV
– Global News BC
– Toronto Star
– Globe & Mail
– CBC News
– An announcer at the Canada Reel Screen Awards & Leo Awards
– Breakfast Television
– Plus Numerous Appearances in TV and Movie


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