Luxury Swiss Watches Designed for The Athletic Man

“If you’re going to do something, do it right or don’t do it at all.”

Luxury watch designer Jacques Fournier started his own watch brand Wryst, in 2012 after creating some of the most innovative modern luxury watch designs. Before 2012 Mr. Fournier designed under his company Horology Design Limited for brands aimed both at the mainstream and the ultra-high-end market.

Jacques Fournier was born and educated in Switzerland; he later moved to France and eventually on to the UK, where he currently resides.

WRYST was born out of Jacques’ passion for designing, creating, and expanding his vision of the ultimate lifestyle sports watch began with a never before attempted style. Wryst timepieces are reasonably priced but keep a sense of sophisticated European design with a modern flair intended for those watch lovers who share his aesthetic vision. All watches are dedicated to extreme sports or motorsports enthusiasts.

From a young age, Jacques Fournier spent lots of time looking and examining luxury timepieces in watch boutiques throughout Geneva or anywhere he traveled. Goal-oriented, from a young age, Jacques was very passionate about discovering an incredibly unique, one-of-a-kind timepiece that utterly surpassed all the others and saving up enough to buy it eventually. This pursuit of finding an utterly unique timepiece haunted the future watch designer for years, so much so that he ultimately conceived a few watch designs. He shared the images of these timepieces online.

A Private Label watch design studio in Le Locle, Switzerland, asked Mr. Fournier to design for them because of his fascinating and unique approach to watch design. His contemporaries have not always understood Jacques’ inspirational design aesthetic, but it is awe-inspiring just how involved he becomes in the watchmaking process.

If you are looking for a new men’s watch, the sheer volume of brands out there can be overwhelming. So, which watches matter? Discover a unique brand that you might have heard about but have not heard enough about before; it’s Independent watchmaking at its finest, from a visionary and passionate watch designer | WRYST.

Across the Wryst collection, you will discover dive watches, field watches, luxury men’s fashion timepieces, racing, and motorsport watches and watches designed for athletic trendsetters. No matter what your tastes are, Wryst has a praiseworthy watch designed for you.

A sports watch should be characterized as a timepiece that prioritizes pragmatism, style, and a level of functionality beyond simply telling the precise time. Many durable luxury sports watches among the Wryst collection compete with a luxury watch in refined style.

Mr. Fournier infuses a humbling and tireless artistic vision and entrepreneurial spirit into each of his magnificent creations. Such unique watch designs as the Wryst Racing Automatic SX4, a high-quality watch, built out of a passion for the artform; inspired by luxury and athletic racing sports. That said, Wryst is anything but a typical men’s motorsports-inspired sports watch brand.
Imagination truly does shape reality, innovation and transform ideas into complete and tangible projects. Luxury brands require distinct and diverse views and sources of inspiration for their new collections.

The company prefers to use powerful and consequential adjectives when referring to their watches, such as:

– Uniquely aggressive
– Brutal design
– Bold, rugged, and sexy

When describing the feelings associated with some of their athletic timepieces, all of which are excellent statements to describe a luxury sports watch gives the owner a sense of atypical sophistication. As the owner of a Wryst timepiece, the exquisite attention to detail alone will be very much appreciated, at the very least. But watches like these prove that a certain level of refinement is needed to craft wristwatch shape designs that work. The WRYST Racing series offers particular originality in almost all aspects.

These Swiss watches for men and women are dedicated to athletes with distinctive personalities. Wryst has invented the world’s most resistant modern wristwear experience ever. Unique designer watches with durable materials and the prestigious Swiss stamp, capturing the 21st century in style.

The latest men’s automatic watches Wryst RACER are designed with the motorsports enthusiast in mind; these motorsport-inspired stylish men’s collections with leather bands for the bold at heart. With a quality self-winding mechanical movement, these unique timepieces will harmonize your lifestyle moment by moment. Four examples of this type of automatic wristwatch include the:

Automatic Stainless Steel Watch SX1,
Men’s Rose Gold Watch SX2,
Luxury Gold Watches Racer SX3, and
Automatic Racing Watch Wryst SX4

These timepieces are available in a small production of fewer than 100 units, each making them the perfect luxury collectible item. These watches include automatic references with integrated bracelets, and all have a see-through back displaying the 38-hour power reserve Swiss automatic movement.

The Chronograph Swiss Watches for men introduces the most recent luxury chronographs. The new Wryst Force chronographs now come with a large, bold, and more masculine appeal; the four new over-size models are elegant and charismatic. These are 100 meters water-resistant and dressed in a sapphire crystal. The Limited Edition Wryst chronograph watches FORCE pay tribute to the athletic fun natured personality and all that it has to offer:

Black Chrono Watch SX210,
Luxury Blue Face Watches SX230,
Black and Gold Watch Wryst SX270, and
Blue Watch Wryst SX300

It is fascinating to understand where these designs originated. With the distinctly wide case shape and the overall brand theme, the world’s fastest races inspired the timepieces. Even more interesting is that it is safe to say that the wide case design, with its skeletonized flanks, is directly inspired by oblong race car steering wheels. Now that is remarkable sporting design virtuosity at its finest.

It is not that the aesthetic integration is effortless, but the overall case design originates. A controversial aspect of the Wryst sports watch is the overall size and shape of the case. But there is nothing like the unique curves and contours of a Wryst timepiece in the watchmaking industry. Jacques Fournier originates every watch produced by Wryst up until today. The first Wryst Airborne collection released was in April 2012. Since then, the same design has inspired other collections. For example, these more recent collections:

Wryst Automatic Watches Racer,
Wryst Chronograph Watches Force,
Wryst Quartz Watches Ultimate, and
Wryst Sports Watches Elements.

The dials on specific watches are inspired by engines and other implements of racing machines. Wryst includes a series of design elements such as a sequence of colors, textures, and levels and plays around with connecting the hour hand to a gear-style disc and having a double-sided second hand. All the layout aesthetics are harmoniously implemented, with the result being a very cohesive and well-crafted timepiece.

And make no mistake, these are not just collectors’ watches. These watches appeal to a particular niche of timepiece buyers amenable to this design and its esthetic inspirations. The case design is different and complicated and particularly satisfying with the overall production finish; the brand’s identity is paramount. Wryst is seen as a privileged opportunity to own a bold sports timepiece with a modern and futuristic style; the goal is never to offer innovative watches that are an alternative for collectors interested in owning something distinct and definitive.

The Wryst brand is exclusive, with limited supply in the market at one time. It is ultra-high-tech and be exceptionally lightweight so that people never want to take it off their wrist. It is the perfect fashion accessory for men. Functionally the watches are uncomplicated and highly reliable. People can look forward to wearing the timepiece to sporting events, trendy viewings, or eating out without feeling awkward or overstated. The pieces are low maintenance and never fail. The Wryst brand is designed to appeal to its creator first and foremost after that brand attracts its tribe.

How someone looks speaks volumes about them. People with solid personalities usually choose their appearance very carefully; thus, what is worn must be right.

In the world of luxury and fashion, people choose to wear timepieces with a pulse, with a heartbeat. And not a tech heartbeat but an authentic showpiece.

Your overall appearance is an essential tool for your ongoing self-awareness and success. Wryst offers luxury watches with leather straps and blends a gold casing with a white or black dial. Wearing a stunning timing accessory, one that you love, will not only enhance your contemporary lifestyle, but it will let those people around you know that you take your time seriously.

At Wryst, we take the statement: “If you’re going to do something, do it right or don’t do it at all” to heart. There is always room for improvements, constantly.

What makes the business and state of mind different are remarkably simple, a keen eye on what is happening in influential places worldwide, especially in areas where no one has bothered to look and searching with integrity, daring, and sincerity. When you think of personalized watches. Think Wryst; it is essential.

Price & info from the Wryst Swiss watches website.


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