Get Free One Year Of Yoga Online When You Buy One Legging In, the e-commerce store of the Latina entrepreneur and artist Zayra Mo, is inviting to all women fitness lovers to join their campaign Women Deserve to Be Healthy with the online yoga program Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis (value in $179) is the one year program that was a success in the Spanish Language version and now is upgrade it in the English version in with more yoga classes, meditations, mini masterclasses of nutrition, fitness and more.

“But we want to give it for free to our fashion lovers when they buy just one legging in our online shop,” said Mo who explained that when you are in the legging’s page you can ad “with one click” the online program.

ZayraMo’s intention is “to expand the awareness of get fit, healthy and stress free in the comfort of your home” in times where “we have to maintain social distance because the COVID19”.

If you visit you are going to discover a “happy and uplifting” designs to workout.

Their yoga pants or leggings are made with a super soft fabric and also power stretch which is “one of the most comfortable workout leggings with waist tummy control design”.

Also the designs are perfect for everyday wear thanks of the super soft fabric combination which also act as comfortable shapewear that “keeps you hugged in and looking slim”.

Zayra explains:

“I included the color therapy when I started to design our collections because – as a yoga teacher – it was boring to wear the same black leggings which in these days we need to cheer up our emotions.”

Their designs include three collections where pink, iridescent, purple and other bright colors are mix with flowers, animals skin effect, lines to create a slim effect and mandalas art.

Besides their unique style, is avoiding the “fast-fashion” effect as their sustainability mindset because they are producing a legging at the time which means “you order it and we made it to avoid over production and save the planet”. is an online healing arts studio and curated marketplace where you will learn and practice nutrition, self love, yoga to get fit, meditation to relax your mind and much more. Also discover download meditation music to uplift, gemstone jewelry to empower the best of you and activewear to shine and be fabulous.



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