Six ways to make the most out of Bay Windows this Spring

With a 47% rise in searches on Pinterest since January1 and 17.5m views for the hashtag #baywindow on TikTok, Bay Windows are the interiors trend for Spring 2023 – so if you are lucky enough to be blessed with Bay Windows, how can you make the most of them?

We spoke to Jade Oliver, Showroom Stylist at Express Bi-Folding Doors, who shared her tips for making the most of this stunning aesthetic: 

A bay window can be a beautiful focal point for any room in the house.  As well as framing your view and bringing the outside in with natural light, (perfect for biophilic designs) a bay window can also add extra square footage to your property. Here’s some tips on how to make the most of this beautiful feature:

1. Create a cosy nook

Jade explains: “If the bay window area is long and has a deep area to sit on, convert it by measuring out the perfect cushion size that will snuggly fit in the space. Whether you are making your own cushions or having them made for you, ensure you also have an accompanying set of larger pillows for back support to make the nook as cosy as possible. For anyone with extra floor space in the area, add a stylish loveseat and drape over a thick blanket for further comfort. Ensure any nook is dressed in layers of thin throws for every temperature and use each one to highlight a specific colour in your chosen colour palette.”


2. Make the most of your outdoor views

Jade adds “If your house is south-facing, a bay window makes a stunning frame for any dreamy sunrises or sunsets. Many interior design trends are inspired by nature, the earthy pastel tones and textured landscapes are often replicated through colour schemes, so it’s worth highlighting any stunning scenery if possible. If your view is the centrepiece, make the most of it by keeping indoor décor simple with soft neutrals and add a statement accessory such as a vase or vibrant-coloured plant to the bay window to complement the view. Try adding houseplants that have leaves with big surface areas, as well as pots of trailing ivy to replicate the different outdoor textures, linking the inside and outside together subtly.”

3. Go minimal in smaller spaces

Jade says “Allow any curtains to highlight the bay window and try not to overcrowd any small spaces. Surrounding areas should be painted in neutral colours to let the outside do the talking. If you can’t fit furniture into the space underneath the bay window, layer in front of it with a sofa and small side tables to start building out the style of the room. Or, for a conversation area, add a small bench to give the room a casual feel. The combination of glass, wood and metal used on the feature creates its own stunning natural aesthetic, so depending on the space, you can keep any accessories to a minimum. For extra space consideration, using thin window frames allows there to be more glass and bigger views. This simple tip will bring out much more depth in a room.”

Image credit: Unsplash

4. Turn it into a space-saving storage solution

Jade suggests: “If space is an issue at home, consider adding a storage bench or ottoman under the bay window. This way you and your guests can still sit and make the most of the area, whilst also keeping everything neat and tidy. Be sure to cover the bench or ottoman with blankets and cushions so there is no sacrifice on comfort. The space underneath the windows could also be used as a small hideaway for any furry friends in the house, such as a cute alcove for cats and dogs. Storage boxes or wicker baskets can also be perfectly tucked away within the bay window too, however be careful not to over clutter as the window needs to remain open and airy.”


5. Don’t forget to dress the outside of the bay window

Jade adds: “Bay windows can make a statement from the outside of the house too. They can add further textures and shape to a building to give it more character, so don’t forget to explore the possibilities of the outside of the house as well as the indoors. On the ground level, add plants or shrubbery to accent the window frames, making them a striking centrepiece both inside and outside the property. Upstairs, ensure the frames have a fresh lick of paint to help them the edges stand out, accentuating the architecture.” 

6. Window dressings are essential

Jade concludes: “Utilising natural sunlight can transform the feel within a room, and having adjustable shutters or blinds will help create the perfect mood for every situation. Let nature do the work for you, whilst adding a contemporary finish which will help impact productivity for anyone working from home. Integral blinds are also worth considering as they are sealed within the glass, meaning there are no curtains or blinds hanging around the window which gives a full and constant view. For the bedroom, choose floor-to-ceiling curtains that can blackout the room for sleeping, whilst giving a luxurious feel to the room. Use floral patterned fabrics for vibrancy and an overt, accentuated finished to the décor.”

For more information on how to make the most of bay windows, head to Express Bi-Folding Doors’ blog:



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