Day: 22 December 2022

Interiors Wallpaper

Ohpopsi celebrate the female form in Silhouette Wallpaper for International Women’s Day

As International Women’s Day draws closer, independent design house Ohpopsi is celebrating all things female in a striking wallpaper. Silhouette, which was recently unveiled as part of Ohpopsi’s Abstract Collection, puts the female form front and centre as interlocking nudes seamlessly slot together to create a stunning scene. Zoe Eaton, Creative Director of Ohpopsi, said: […]

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Do You really Need to Seperate Whites and Darks When Washing Clothes? An Experts Advice.

Washing clothes is one of the basic chores that you need to learn in life, but there are a lot of questions and myths that aren’t taught when washing clothes, especially around the separation of clothes and running colors. Tor from Organizing.TV has answered a few questions to really clear up how we should be […]

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